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21 Weeks

Today we went in for the 20 week Worrybomb scan. We are on course for the 28th of November according to their measurements.  Mrs Wb however thinks (and hopes) it will arrive a lot sooner.

20 week scan of the Worrybomb 20 week scan of the Worrybomb 20 week scan of the Worrybomb

The scans went well and there was lots of measuring and checking, all the measurements indicated the Worrybomb was 21 to 22 weeks from conception.

During the scan the thigh bone along with the brain / head and tummy were measured and we were told that everything looked fine.  Again no mention of eyebrows, I was sure they would be showing up by now.

I did my best not to blub in front of the scanner lady (Sonographer?), it was hard, but I think the darkened room allowed me to get away with it again, seeing the Worrybomb via the scanner has been wonderful and it can’t be November soon enough!

At one point we could see a small section in colour that showed the heart beating, blue for input and red for output (I think), you could clearly see chambers growing and shrinking as the heart pumped.  We saw a fair bit of movement elsewhere too, hands whirling (you can see a hand in first scan image, just above its head, in what looks like a Mexican wave posture) and at several points the backbones could be seen very clearly which was both really cool and a bit odd.

This should be the last time we see it until the birth.  Seems like a long way off


  1. It’s a very exciting, and not a little scary when you first see that semi animated sequence on the CRT. What you understand is happening suddenly becomes very real, and the enormity of the unfolding drama starts to shape up. Njoy…

  2. Woz

    It’s terrific – I always thought pregnancy was like being given a wrapped present in March and told not to open it until Christmas.
    A scan is like being able to JUST peep under one of the bits they’ve not taped shut properly.

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