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A Dirty Job

Just finished reading “A Dirty Job” by Christopher Moore.  Not a great book to read when pregnant ( the start could be a bit upsetting, but otherwise, it is very funny.  The first chapter involves Jane, the main characters wife successfully giving birth.

I could relate to a lot of the things Charlie ( the hero of the tale ) in his new role as an anxious father did and felt, and even the following passage sounded reasonable ( for a few seconds ).

On leaving the hospital room, Charlie asks

‘Can I bring you anything from home?’

‘We’ll try to make it last.’

‘I’ll be fine.  The ready kit you packed covered everything, I think. In fact, I may not even need the fire extinguisher.’

‘Better to have it and not need it, than to need it -‘

‘Go! I’ll get some rest, the doctor will check Sophie out, and we’ll take her home in the morning.’

‘That seems soon.’

‘Its standard.’

‘Should I bring more propane for the camp stove?’

Okay I only thought about it for a few moments ( honestly ) and my laughing made me stop. Would Mrs Worrybomb let me take a full camping kit in with us, just in case we dont make it to hospital?  Odds are poor I am guessing!

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  1. Caroline

    Yes but if you just so happened to have it in the car boot…. she would never have to know… just in case…

    and string… you never know when you are going to need string!

    or a pen, nothing worse than patting your pockets and not finding a pen when you need one…

    and a spare phone charger for when you are calling everyone with the good news and your battery runs out…

    you will need a larger car to fit it all in!

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