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First Purchases

Getting the right set of wheels is very very hard, the choices are amazing!

kid custom pram

We have edited down the features we want:

  • Large pneumatic tyres
  • Three wheels
  • Small when folded down
  • Look good
  • Be washable
  • Be suitable for newborns upwards
  • Have storage under the seat

Its also got to pass the kick test, when walking with Little Frogs pram, my feet used to kick the rear axel, the the handles have to be far enough back for me to be able to walk easily.

We think the My3 3-wheeler travel system in Black is what we need.  The reviews seem pretty good and it seems to tick all the boxes.  Not quite the wheels shown above and at kidkustoms.com, but it should be good.

We have also got a travel cot, ideal for Nanny Worrybomb visits and some teething rings with different textures that again Little Frog loved to play with from almost day one.

The hunt for a teddy still goes on!

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