Pre-Natal Classes II

The second and final pre-natal class at the hospital covered feeding.  Much discussion about breasts and nipples!

After the school-boy in me had managed to stop giggling, I did manage to get a fair amount of good information out of it.  This coupled with the experience of looking after “Little-Frog” earlier in the year, fingers crossed, the Worrybomb wont starve and has a good chance of being in hospital when its born.

Whilst in the class, we looked at:

  • How it all works ( with huge diagrams and knitted examples )
  • Positions for feeding
  • Problems you might encounter
  • Support groups and help
  • Best practises and general questions we all had

We where then given dolls to play with and to experiment with different positions.  Its starting to get very exciting, and I still go through huge waves of happyness to mild panic about how it will go in a few weeks time.

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  1. Alex C

    Oh we have that next week.
    Had v disturbing dreams following “When Nature needs a Helping Hand” on Monday. Want it to be luffy & have the aromatherapy midwives there hahaha

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