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Four Weeks

Worrybomb is one month old
Worrybomb is four weeks old

Worrybomb is four weeks old today.  She celebrated with a nice bubbly bath and a snooze.

Its been an exciting month, with a lot of sleep deprivation for Mrs WB and I.  But it does feel like things are settling into a routine of sorts now.

With the help of a breast pump I have been able to feed Worrybomb a few times, its a little messy and she hasn’t got the idea that the bottle is different from Mrs WB yet, worse still after 4 oz she is still hungry and needs a burp and a top up!

She is putting on weight well and is growing, in the first three weeks she grew 3cm, which by my thinking means she will be about 4 meters tall by her 5th birthday!

She is starting to use her hands more now, I have seen her holding her fingers of using one hand to cram the other into her mouth when she is hungry.  There is also a hint of a smile  sometimes, so hopefully, the next month will be full of smiles and a little sleep for us all.


  1. Barb Smart

    Who says they can’t focus until 6 weeks. She’s looking straight at you with those beautiful dark eyes.

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