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100 Days

Worrybomb is 100 days old
Worrybomb is 100 days old!

Worrybomb has reached the grand old age of 100 days!

In this short time she has:

  • Survived two lots of injections
  • Fought through a cold and blocked nose
  • Eaten her first solid food (Baby Rice)
  • Learned to smile
  • Started to suck her thumb (or fist when she misses)
  • Nearly been able to sit up on her own
  • Started to hold onto things like her Flossy
  • Created all sorts of interesting colours in her nappies
  • Nearly out grown her Moses basket
  • Had worse hair days than her Mummy of Daddy
  • Nearly doubled her birth weight
  • Grown over 10 cm in height
  • Learned to hold her head up on her own
  • Managed to lift her head up when lying tummy down
  • Got used to Dad and his camera always being around
  • Started to try and talk, making some great concentration faces whilst doing it
  • Improved her hand eye coordination, and is bashing her face less when trying to eat her hand
  • Not got bored with Dad singing Daisy Bell
  • Enjoyed the company of her big brother and sisters
  • Been spoilt rotten by family and friends (whom, have all been wonderfully supportive)
  • Nearly slept through a night
  • Not slept through a night
  • Given the term sleep deprivation a new meaning to Mummy and Daddy
  • Discovered if she smiles at Dad, he forgets his worries

I wonder what excitement the next 100 days has to bring ?

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  1. caroline

    Lots and lots of happiness!!!!!

    Hope all is going well, are the nights getting any better?


    Caroline, Jon, Lewis, Greg and Mir-(I hope your not following my example I was seven and a half months before I slept through the night)-anda XXXXXXXXXX

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