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New Bed

WorryBomb has a new bed!  She was starting to get a little cramped in her crib, especially when she sleeps with both arms outstretched!

bed image
WorryBomb testing out the new bed

So after looking around for something that Mrs WB liked, she decided on a nice sleigh style bed from izziwotnot. It looks huge right now, but then so did her crib and previously to that her Moses basket just a few months ago.

WorryBomb in bed, hoping to get out
"Bars wont stop me!"

It was shipped flat-packed and was put up (even with the helpful comments from over lookers) easily.  All the parts where there as described in the packaging and the instructions were pretty easy to follow.  It took about half an hour from end to end.

It can be set up to have the mattress at different heights depending on how good an your baby is at getting upright and onto their feet. The mattress looks to be a good one, with a brief bouncing session had by WB on her first try out. She can happily roll over in it and tonight will be her first night in her new bed!  Please let it be a good one!

izziwotnot bed
image from izziwotnot.com

It only just fits in the room, but as we are moving in a few weeks time ( shudder ) hopefully it will fit in better at the new house.


  1. I know you said the bedrooms were big in the new house, but I didn’t think you’d moved into the White House….

  2. Auntie downunder

    erm, does she have a mohican?

    • Never leave Mothers and scissors alone in the same room!

      Some of the hair style is self inflicted, she moves her head so the side hair rubs off, some is natural and some, would if it had been me and a hairdresser, resulted in a legal writ!

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