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Poor old WorryBomb was stung today by a sleepy wasp.


I had moved her Lottie play mat/ gym thing, checked and removed a little cat hair, laid WorryBomb onto it and set about connecting the hangy bits to it to keep her entertained and I saw a dopey looking wasp crawling out from under it.

I picked WorryBomb up and she started to cry.  Mrs WB came into help remove ( squash ) the wasp.

I thought that was it, but WorryBomb wasnt herself so I had a look and she had been stung!

She had a small hole in the back of her heel, on the foot that had been hanging off Lottie.

A little worried I found that both sting creams I have for when I cycle (there are a lot of stinging nettles around here) were for older children, so a quick delve on the web found that a little baking soda mixed in water is good for easing the pain of a wasp sting.

We mixed some up and spread it on to her heel, then covered the lot with a sock.  She seemed happy enough but, us a little worried we then kept a good eye on her.  I had flash backs to standing in a bees nest when I was younger and a night spent in a small hospital in the New Forest with multiple injections and other proddings.  With twenty or so sting marks it was just as well I wasn’t allergic!

The sting hasnt had any lasting effect that we can see and she seems to be completly over it now.  But I will be checking under the mat from now on…

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  1. Found your blog through British Mummy Bloggers. WB is a poppet!

    Your entry about the wasp brought memories flooding back for me. My daughter was about 11 months old when she was stung. I had just lifted her out of the bath and put her on the mat. She started to cry for no obvious reason, but when I picked her up I saw a distant relative of your sleepy wasp, crawling sleepily over the bath mat. My LE had also been stung on her foot and I couldn’t remember if you used bicarb or vinegar on a wasp sting. I was alone in the house and tried hard not to panic (but called LE’s dad to rush home via the chemist). Suffice to say, she survived, but I was paranoid about wasps for a long time after that.
    She, on the other hand, having no memory of the occasion, is blissfully unaware of her mother’s irrational fear of all things which buzz!

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