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worrybomb.com is a year old

The WorryBomb out and about
The WorryBomb, a lady about town

The worrybomb.com site is now a year old, Worrybomb herself is just 139 days old ( about four and half months ) and has a way to go before she gets to blow ( or dribble ) out a candle.

Its been a memorable year to say the least.  Stretching from the “I am pregnant” conversation which of course triggered a wide grin, to the horrible hospital trip that cast a a bit of a shadow over a the remaining months of the pregnancy until the big day when we first saw her.

Its been an incredible time watching her grow, change and discover the world.  Every day seems to bring something new, whilst building on things she has learnt already.  It has also been a great learning tool, getting to grips with WordPress has been both interesting and useful in many ways, I have built several sites on it now, all based upon knowledge I have picked up from developing this site, and I have even been able to troubleshoot site issues for my employer as well.

Its odd to look back a the year and then realise things haven’t really started yet, and that there is so much more to come.

Here is to the next year!

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  1. Yuy! …it’s all to come, but the beauty of the blog is the context it gives your life. Never again will you think ….”is it all really worth it!”

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