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Fathers Day

Happy Fathers day to you all 🙂

After many years of trying to avoid the day its been pretty emotional to acknowledge and embrace it again.  But this morning I was awoken by the Worrybomb, breakfast in bed and a card, my first card.

First Fathers Day card
First Fathers Day card

The lovely card has Worrybombs foot print on it.  Not sure how this was done as I haven’t seen any paint on the floors or table.  Its lovely and I am very thankful to Mrs WB for helping out.

This weekend has been busy, Nanny H was down yesterday, helping to keep up moral and showing us her green fingers in the garden.

Nanny H and Worrybomb
Nanny H and Worrybomb

She helped us cut down a huge buddleia one of the many self seeded tree / bush plants we have in our new garden.  With the help of WMD, Mrs WB and Nanny we felled the brute and opened up another corner of the garden.

Worrybomb has herself been busy, with a total of four teeth ( three below and one on top ) her cheeks have been a little red, but she has remained remarkably well behaved even with the pain of teething.

To top it all its the longest day ( daylight wise )!

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  1. Jon

    That’s a magic little card Chris, I seem to recall we have a similar print in our box of momentos…. njoy!

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