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I have realised that I am writing less and less these days here.  I think this is due to a host of reasons, tiredness, time, redundancy, new house jobs and Worrybomb herself.  There just doesn’t seem to be the time or motivation.

But were still here, struggling through the hardest times of our lives, just about every crappy thing that could happen is, and all right now.  There are crappy x’s and court cases, inept social workers, joblessness, job moves, school holidays and lots lots more 🙁  I know we will survive and come out of it stronger, its just tough especially without much sleep.

My Mother smiles and reminds me that I didn’t sleep all night until I was 3, so only another 2 and a bit years then 🙂  I would like to apologise to her.  Now that’s done can I sleep now?

All that aside, Worrybomb and indeed her big Brother (Happy 9th Birthday yesterday) and Bigger Sisters make the fight worth while.  Seeing them all grow up when I stop to look at it is rather wonderful (how many years until they leave ?) 😉

So Worrybomb goes from strength to strength,  she is crawling with great ease now, standing / climbing on everything and giving me grey hair as my imagination sees danger everywhere.  She happily scoots through the house and patio doors when left open, negotiates the small step easily and is off to dead head / live head the flowers, eat grass and leaves and what ever else she can find that needs chewing, until caught and unceremoniously has it hooked out by a brave finger who risks a chomping by her eight teeth.

She loves going out, and gets very excited with swings. I think she enjoys the motion and the attention.  The slide is fun, but on the swing she gets to go on her own like a big girl!

So, a few photos and a little more about what’s happening, that’s one more tick on my list.


  1. Mrs Worrybomb

    You can bet on it Mr, we will get through this and we will be happier than we have ever been. You are our everything so keep up the good work X

  2. Katrina,Del,Callum & Mackenzie

    We are with you all with sleep deprivation – if your mothers words are true and perhaps 3 been the magic number, then we’ve only another 12mths to go!.. *yawn* :-(….. its funny isn’t it how people admire your brood and how they find them such fun, when out and about & they come out with a well meaning comment “so will you be having any more”… sleep deprivation is the most powerfull form of contraception ever, my reply………..NO!
    Whats even more mind blowing hubby said to me yesterday afternoon whilst waiting to buy a wardrobe for sons room ” wouldn’t it be lovely to have another baby”… as a little baby girl goes past.. I nearly fell of the bar stool I was happily sitting on whilst waiting to get served!. .. that must be sleep deprivation coming out with strange comments wanting more!..
    We will have “worrybomb” over night soon, promise…
    Things seem pretty grim at present and all are struggling in way or another and the future is pretty daunting, however as you say you’ve got a wonderful family that just keeps you going.
    Thinking of you all, big hugs. x x x

  3. Good to see you flying the flag Chris! Trying times indeed, but I’d prefer to be led by your fighting spirit. And you are of course quite right, your family is your prize asset, your best investment…

    I’m afraid your Mum is right (in our experience) as you only really get clear nights and a bit more independence after the 3 watershed. But conversely these are the years when you are genuinely needed, and that make you the most fulfilled – so enjoy them now I say!


  4. Oh! …and do find time to write plenty. You may think that you don’t have much to say (or want to say) but you’ll be amazed at how valuable a blog is later, when you look back and review where you are in life.

    There is so much that happens, so many experiences that you will forget about, unless you write them down…

  5. OMG! I’ve just found this site and can’t believe how big she is already! Last time I saw you (about a year ago I reckon) she was yet to put in an appearance and you were all full of excitement for what was ahead.
    She’s absolutely gorgeous Chris. Congrats to you both. I shall make sure I tune in regularly now to follow progress.
    All good over here still – no plans to return to the UK at all in the near future, but if we come back for a quick holiday, I’ll make sure that we meet up again in Newbury for another lunch.

    Take care hon xxx

  6. Auntie down under

    I was a lovely child after you… slept straight through n everything… though in case its in the Hawkins gene pool I will stick to dogs 🙂

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