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A New Mobility

The Worrybomb is moving much more confidently, she can crawl the length of the garden, stalking the cat with relative ease.

With the help of an unusual gift from “Down-Under-Aunt”, she has been zipping about the house in great comfort.

Worrybomb wearing her nice4neez
Worrybomb wearing her nice4neez

These knee pads ( nice4neez ) work pretty well in keeping WBs knees a little less red, scratched, bruised.  They are nice and soft and she happily wears them around the house.  But it doesnt look like she will be using them for very long because she has started to use the sofa, chairs, Daddies leg ( and leg hair! ) and anything she can get a purchase on to stand up.

Worrybomb learns to standWorrybomb Leans to stand

As always she is showered with wonderful gifts from the family, this lovely hand knitted cardigan was from her Great Aunt Cath.  This along with a lovely Flat Ted, again from “Down-Under-Aunt” has made her very happy.

Great Aunty Caths Cardigan
Great Aunty Caths Cardigan ( and eight teeth ! )

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  1. sarah Alexander

    O.M.G Chris she is soooo beautiful.i cant get over how quickly she is growing up!Love to you all,S x

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