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Eating can be messy

Worrybomb at times, has been known to refuse to be fed by us, instead she wants control of the spoon. This can be a little messy and although she does eat most of what she is given, a fair amount can end up on her face, hair, chair, table and us. The cat loves this new found food source!

Worrybomb eats and wears her food
Worrybomb eats and wears her food
Worrybomb wears and eats her dinner
Worrybomb enjoys wearing and eating her dinner

She has started to use her spoon as an eating implement rather than a drum stick or hair brush, but its a hard battle scooping and balancing food from the dish to the mouth, so often fingers speed up the procedure, but even this can create a mess with the wrong foods. I wonder how many foods are non staining or white ?

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