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Its been a bit manic around here and the site has been a little neglected so here are a few photos and a bit of an update on Worrybombs storkmark.

Worrybomb in the bath
Worrybomb in the bath

With a new job and lots to learn on top of normal life with three other children and a smelly cat, things have been a little busy and I havent updated the site much. So heres a quick catch up on the Worrybomb.

Worrybomb cooking
Worrybomb cooking

Worrybomb enjoys cooking, she bashes pans about happily and recently she has started cooking with magnetic fridge letters, swirling them around in the pots with wooded spatulas and whisks.

Worrybomb reading
Worrybomb reading

She has always liked books, both her books and some of mine. She has a book of first French words with nice photos in and when asked “where is the cat?” she can point to it. She has started to remember where other photos are and can sometimes if the mood takes her flick through the four pages to find other things like toothbrushes, chairs, clocks and biscuits. We havent started the words in French yet, not sure if we will ( well they did shoot our king in the eye a few years back those pesky Frenchies !), but it might be fun to try.

One of the most searched and found pages on this site has been to do with Worrybombs Storkmark ( Colloquially the Telangiectatic Nevus or Naevus Simplex are also called “Stork Bites” or “Salmon Patches ) that we wrote a few weeks after her birth.  She still has a mark some 14 months later, but its not as noticeable now.

Worrybombs Storkmark
Worrybombs Stork mark ( an enlargement of the bath photo above )

This enlargement of the top photo ( Worrybomb in the bath ) shows that when she is hot or stressed the storkmark can still be seen. We haven’t really treated it in anyway, I know from research olive oil etc can be used but as we knew it would fade and it didn’t bother her and her hair covers it we didn’t feel the need to fight with her to treat it.

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