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Bottoms Up

The summer is here finally, and with it slides and swings. Worrybomb not content with her baby slide, which is around 60 cm off the ground, needs to climb the BIG one, which after a short climb brings her up to head hight with a worried and anxious me. She climbs it pretty well using a tired and tested 3 points of contact method. I think she enjoys watching me go grey when she stands on the top of the steps.


She has been busy helping out with the watering, two pots particularly are well watered by her. Coupled with her growing vocabulary, when the can is empty, she asks for “more”. She is now an aviation expert being able to spot a plane or a “copter” as it flys over. She hasnt managed to say “red kite” when we see one of them, but she is keen on watching the birds too.

Bottoms Up

As its hot she is also drinking more, sometimes from a cup rather than her bottle or sippy cup.

Worrybomb drinks from a cup

This isnt always successful, and everyone’s drink is now fair game as far as she is concerned !

After a quick anatomy lesson with Mrs WB this morning, that I have a nose ( beep-beep ), a mouth, ears and that she can wiggle her eyebrows like Daddy can 🙂

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