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Worrybomb streaks

An unsuccessful nappy change results in a streak around the garden.

Duck Hunt

Catching ducks at the local fair, she managed to pick one up, but didn’t get a prize winner. She did enjoy the stick whirling and the consolation sweet.

Worrybombs first Lollipop

She did remarkably well with her first lollipop, even sharing a little with Daddy! The cold didn’t seem to put her off and hardly a drip escaped!

Worrybomb and Mummy sleep

The end of a long day, ( for both ! ) Mother and Daughter. Worrybomb here sleeping in one of her favourite positions, bottom up, with Mummy, on the sofa.

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  1. Nanny Joan

    Love these photos, really funny streaking one! I know how often that happens, if you havent held on to a leg whilst nappy changing!

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