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January Catch Up

Its been a quite but busy Christmas here at Worrybomb Towers, flu, colds, work etc has taken it out of us all, but with January nearly over, its time to catch up…

Jam Hot
Jam Hot

A typical jam toast moment, for a normally tidy eater, Worrybomb can certainly make a decent mess.

nice hat
Nice Hat

After a trip to the Doc and the chemist, worrybomb tries out her new hat…


Recovery is best when slides are involved. Better still when its combined with a trip to see some trains. I love the way the nice drivers sound their horn to us when we wave 🙂 So does Worrybomb! Thank you Mr SouthWest Trains.


Worrybomb gently holds a friend, she was so gentle, and not the normal gentle she shows with the cat, but really careful and interested. Here she is gently stroking the baby’s legs.

So hopefully health will return to us all, and things can get back to normal 🙂

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  1. jon

    That’s a great new header shot you’ve got on the blog Chris. Always tricky finding a long thin screamer, but it’s just right…. Hope things are looking up for you as the year progresses.


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