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Little pitchers have big ears

Possibly not the right title, perhaps, “don’t say that in front of the child” might be more apt. Worrybomb is full of energy, always on the move, always wiggling, so much so, that, during a very much awaited visit from Upside-down Aunt, Worrybomb was told she must have wiggly worms in her tummy making her all wiggly! Not too bad, an off the cuff comment, nothing naughty or anything and all said in fun and received as such by a grinning wiggly young girl…

…roll on a few days and Worrybomb is at her Pre-School ( “Not nursery school, silly Daddy!” ) where she proudly walks up to one of the staff there and informs them with a big smile on her face, she has worms in her tummy.


I don’t know the risk of transmission or infection from threadworms, pinworms, seatworms, round worms, hookworms, whipworms, tape worms etc, but they were obviously a little concerned and asked Mrs WB about it later that day. None the wiser and with no medical conditions known about, it was written off to an active imagination. Only later did 2 and 2 get put together when I was asked what I had been saying.

I hope that a certain Upside-down Aunt is smiling when she reads this, it made me! But, please “Ants in your pants” next time.


  1. nanny Joan

    How funny, and how easy it is to do! Loved the photos of you all with Caroline, who looks extremely well. I’m only sorry we didn’t meet up!x

  2. Upside down Auntie

    Fantastic, Love it!

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