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White Horse Hill

A little out of chronological order, but… A few days ago WB, Mummy WB and I went to White Horse Hill.

We stopped off to buy some yummy things to have a picnic and then on a very quiet Monday afternoon we enjoyed the view, listening to the birds, watching for trains and admiring the red kites soaring on the White Horse Hill.


A Picnic on White Horse Hill
A picnic on White Horse Hill

After our feast we went up to see the horse and look down on Dragon Hill.  I know its probably against National Heritages policy to let anyone on the chalk, but every 7 years it was the local landowners job to have the hill or the outline of the horse scoured by his workers, so I was just helping them out really.  Plus if you turn around 3 times on the eye you get to make a wish!  A lot less difficult to explain than what goes on on the giant of Cerne Abbas!  Plus I firmly believe that if you cant touch and feel the wonderful history we have then you cant love it and form a lasting relationship as easily.  Stone Henge is wonderful but from behind the rope its a lot less so, unlike Avebury,  again not far from here is great as you can walk among the stones, and see them as they were supposed to be seen.  You can touch them, get all pagan and hopefully resist the urge to be a Muppet and try to tip them over or paint on them.

Making a wish
Making a wish

We then went down the steep hill to see the Dragon Hill.  It was on this hill St George slayed the dragon and where the dragons blood was spilt, grass can not grow!  Worrybomb was fascinated with this, but was a little concerned she wasn’t able to see the blood any more.  But remembered the story and has been telling it ever since.

Looking for Dragons Blood
Looking for Dragons Blood

From the hill you get a lovely view of the Manger and the Giants Stair ( the bits on the left ).  This place has a special place in the Worrybomb family history, legend has it that Great Granddad WB enjoyed a ride up and down on his borrowed military motorbike.  Not sure if Great Nanny was on the pillion or watching from here.  I am glad its not done today, but it must have been fun !!!

The Manger
The Manger

Hopefully in warmed weather we can go up to the castle and fly some kites there in the Summer!

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  1. All this talk of picnics is making me hungry, looks like you had a great time! Sounds like a good post for treacletart now I come to think about it…. !

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