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Mentioned in dispatches

Worrybomb once in a while gets into other sites and even the paper.  The recent duck race was reported ( appallingly in my humble opinion ) by the local paper.

The photo they used wasn’t the hundreds of people on the bank side, the hundreds of ducks in the river, the winning duck or its owner or trainer?  No it was a handful of people on the bridge watching.  There saving grace was that three of those people were us!  Worrybomb can be seen in her dark pink coat peering out between the railings on the right of the flag.  Mummy WB and Daddy WB can just be seen beside her as well!

Duck Race Photo
Image by Daddy Worrybomb!!!

As the Gazette has in the past stolen my photos, I hearby declare this image is mine and not theirs, even if I didn’t take it or anything!

Having said that, the duck race was fun, but the local Royal British Legions marching band at the  Jubilee celebration later around the village church that day was much more better, especially when the band leader asked for volunteers to march with him, Worrybomb was first up and thoroughly enjoyed marching!  We also had a good look at the local bees and some huge owls that were on show.

Marching band

Marching with the Band

Local Bees

Worrybomb also helped out with a review of her Chariot on the Bambino Goodies site.

I will be most upset when she has out grown it in a few years time, its been great fun to use and the envious looks I get must mean that others fancy it too!

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