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On yer bike

Its been busy and I haven’t updated the site for a while, so here is a bumper photo and news session!  Since last I wrote, we have been to the zoo and Legoland, and worrybomb has learnt to ride a bike and to shoot arrows!

First we went to Drusillas Zoo on the South coast, its much more than a zoo with some great outdoor play areas and lots of other things to do.  First off a little golf, with a slightly interesting style that I think stems from Nanny S’ croquet.
Worrybomb Ts off
But it did work, just…
Worrybomb gets a hole in one

Then we went to see the animals, Worrybomb fed some parrots.
We went on the Thomas train and Worrybomb was the Fat Controller ( sorry Sir Topham Hatt ) and had a super time.
She also ran in the pre-schools Olympics and got a medal for running the fastest in her age group!

At home with big sisters and brother its difficult to not want to do what they are doing, so here we have Big Sis J and Worrybomb playing.


Then Worrybomb and I went to Legoland where we rode, played and ate during a very warm late summer day.

WorrybombIts nice that simple chair rides and carousels still have an appeal and the queues are nice and short too !!  We saw the pirate show twice and shook hands with the lady sailor.
Worrybomb drove on her own, flew a helicopter, piloted a boat and went on a submarine where we saw lots of wonderful fish on the new Legoland ride. Of course you have to have ice creams and ice lollies too!
Worrybomb and her lolly
Then as Mummy WB was clearing the shed, the bike that JB had lent us that I kept saying was too big for Worrybomb was picked up and riden, just like that!!!! SHe had gotten very confident with her wonderful balance bike its not really surprising really, but all the same I am very chuffed to see her peddling along. Things are a little wobbly at low speeds and starting up hill is tricky, but each time we go out for a ride she gets more confident and better!  I think the balance bike was a terrific idea and much better than stabilisers!
Worrybomb rides her bike

And in the last few months Worrybomb has had two goes at archery at the local club.  She has hit the target several times, but needs a little more strength and some purple arrows I have been told.  Both this and the riding are taken completely in her stride, as if everyone can do it.  I was amazed especially with the riding and I am looking forward to some rides with her in the very near future!

Worrybomb the archer
Worrybomb in the sand pit


  1. The Rustys

    Oh how you have grown WB!
    Miss you all
    From the Rustys down under

  2. nanny Joan

    Sooo cute! Love the concentration on Amelia’s face when riding the bike, xxx

  3. jon

    Great little photo story Chris, things move on so quickly…


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