The tunnel of adventure

In the tunnel Worrybomb Dad

We rode through railway tunnels! Riding from Market Harborough towards Northampton on the old railway line.   It has two long ( 400 m plus ) tunnels, and as it was a railway the hills are pretty easy and even on … Continue reading

Portsmouth Docks

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We finally managed to get the diaries of Nanny J and S together with our own and we all went down to the historic naval docks in Portsmouth. The weather was a little grim, but we got to see the … Continue reading


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  Nanny Sue kindly paid for some shoes and trainers.  The trainers have laces so it was time to learn how to tie them. I think I showed her twice how to do it and she was off !  the … Continue reading

More Camping

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After the trial in the garden, we took the tent down to Dorset. Camping at Burnbake near to Corfe we tried it out for real. We had a super time, with a trip to the beach and some messing about … Continue reading


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Camping in our new tent on the hottest day of the year! Our new tent arrived and even though it was very hot, it was cooler outside than in. But we both slept well and hopefully we will get to … Continue reading

Wayland’s Smithy

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We walked from White Horse Hill over to the odd mound called Wayland’s Smithy. I have been here lots, but its a first for Worrybomb and her Big Sister A who came with us. After the walk, Worrybomb and I … Continue reading

Little Houses for …

Daddy Worrybomb

We made a little home in the park. Lots of twigs were gathered to keep the strong winds and rain out. Then using old beechnut shells, Worrybomb filled each with “special leaves”.

St Nicholas

On top of the underground Church in the Candovers © 2015 . All rights reserved.

With Spring trying to push its way in, we went out to explore an underground church nearby. All that remains of St Nicholas church is the Norman crypt, which gives it its “Buried” title. The ancient crypt, excavated in 1929, … Continue reading