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Last week, we went out with the bikes and a kite! I think we need a bigger one now!

Last Day of School

The Pirate

Its doesn’t feel like its been long since our first walk to school and due to the closure of schools in the UK due to COVID 19, it was probably the last walk to school for us today ( day … Continue reading

Halloween Pumpkins

Halloween Pumpkin Daddy

Worrybomb fancied making a Halloween Pumpkin. Neither of us had made one, so it was a bit trial and error, but with her careful carving it turned out really well.


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I missed putting this up, but just before the end of the summer term, Worrybomb performed in several musical events. She really enjoyed playing and it was wonderful to see and hear so many local children from different schools playing … Continue reading


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We have been up to London a few times this summer holiday, sometimes with family, sometimes with friends. We traveled with Cousin L to the hidden rivers exhibition at the Dockland London Museum When the boys were over from Germany … Continue reading


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In the summer we had a little trip down to Dorset to see family and friends. We walked llamas, alpacas and dogs. We climbed hills, milled and looked for fossils. We stayed at in Monkton Wyld just outside Lyme Regis. … Continue reading

Catch Up


Its been busy here with lots of trips, concerts and bike rides. More to come soon…

Japan – Skiing

Worrybomb and Worrybomb Dad

Down Under Auntie had been plotting, she had conspired with the Pirate to arrange a short trip over Japan, to do some skiing. It made sense at the time, what with it being half way between Oz and the UK … Continue reading

Koln – Christmas Markets

Daddy and Worrybomb!

Its getting a bit jet-settery here, after the recent Venice and San Giorgio di Nogaro trip, we went to see The Boys in Köln / Cologne. Not for the festival, but for the Christmas Markets. Not just one, but nine! … Continue reading