Mudlarking and Chocolate

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Carefully honing our pirate skills, we went hunting for treasure on the banks of the Thames and in the chocolate shops of London. Under licence we had a look to see what can be seen at low tide with a … Continue reading

Winchester Hat Fair

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It was the 40th Hat Fair in Winchester this weekend.  The weather was super and we got to see lots of acts and have a go at a few things. We started the day watching the very funny Pina Polar. … Continue reading

Summer Fayre

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It was the village summer fair and the scouts went as Harry Potter characters.  Worrybomb was Luna Lovegood. Worrybomb took charge of the troups flag on the parade. Then we met up with Nanny and Cousin S to enjoy a … Continue reading

The Small Isles

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Worrybomb and friends went up to Scotland to explore the Small Isles.  We stayed at Doune Knoydart on the Knoydart peninsula.  We walked, scrambled, got nibbled on by midges, sailed, explored and ate wonderful things. We had incredible weather with sun every … Continue reading


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We went on a treasure hunt around St Katharine Docks.  Using we explored the areas around the Tower of London and the docks.  It was the first time we had used the site and picked a suitably jaunt for a pirate. … Continue reading

T’up North

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We had a few days up north. Brushing Max whilst avoiding Spencer nipping at socks Starters at the Orchard In Lancaster Gaol The room in the old gaol  we tried to lock the tour guide in. Worrybomb2 Wind blown sand … Continue reading

Full Steam Ahead

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Some of Great Grandads steam engines have come our way. We now have three traction engines and a static steam engine. We decided to fire a couple up. We ran the WILESCO D405 around the street. The Mamod ran okay, … Continue reading


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Whilst making a special fruit drink, Worrybomb had to do some cutting. Limes and grapefruit squirt, so the “obvious” thing is eye protection… The drink was lovely, very refreshing, ideal for a summers day!


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Earlier in the month, Worrybomb and I went to London and the Science Museum. She wanted to use her newly acquired Oyster Card and see the sights. We headed up on the underground, with much tapping in and out as … Continue reading

Flying Start


Happy New Year ! We got off to a flying start by rushing out on New Years Day to have a quick first flight of Worrybombs new kite. She got the hang of it very quickly as she did with … Continue reading