White Horse Hill

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It was cold and blustery, but we needed to get out for a walk, so White Horse Hill ( a family favourite ) called. When I was studying, I remember it was a thing to see how many people you … Continue reading


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Worrybomb celebrated Guy Fawkes night.  With rockets, sparklers and some (s)marshmallows we headed up to the hill.       Between setting fire to things I managed to take a few photos of the girls and their sparklers.  


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We went to Venice !  We had a few days to see the city, eat well, drink a Spritz and count lions and well heads.  It was Worrybombs first overseas trip with me, J’s second and my fourth visit to … Continue reading


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We had a lovely surprise visitor at the weekend ! The Downunder Auntie ( from the westside ) came to say hi.  We havent seen her since 2011 and it was lovely to catch up and hopefully in a year or … Continue reading

Out on the bikes

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We have been out riding in the last days of the summer.  We rode over to L and went out.  On our ride we saw a cross-country cycle race in and around one of the local parks. We watched the … Continue reading

The Curiosity Box

The Curious Box Worrybomb Dad

Our first Curiosity Box arrived! The Kickstarter campaign ran a few months back and did rather well getting twice what was needed to continue.  Each box has a theme and this one was electricity.  Its packed with all sorts of things to … Continue reading


Worrybomb in Portsmouths Historic Docks © 2016 . All rights reserved.

On one of the last days of our holiday Worrybomb went down to Portsmouth with S and Nanny J. We missed some bits last time we were down, so we were keen to go on the Harbour tour, and see … Continue reading


Oeering Daddy Worrybomb

If you go down to the woods today… Nanny, S, WB and I went to the woods to play, make camps and have a picnic.  We found a great camp under a fallen tree.  It also made a great bouncing … Continue reading

St Georges Day Parade

Parade Daddy Worrybomb

To mark St Georges Day and to celebrate the 100th year of the Scouts, the 30th of the Beavers, there was a Parade in town today.  Worrybomb has recently joined the local group and marched behind the band today. The … Continue reading


Jump ! © 2016 . All rights reserved.

We went to Nannies and we woke up to snow ! We cleared the drive Then in the pile made a fairy house.  the pole was to make the door bigger I think. Slush jumping ! Our answer to Easter … Continue reading

Down Under Auntie Visits

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Downunder Auntie came to visit.  We went to lots of the old places we went to as children, the nearby canal and its huge flight of steps. A slightly jet lagged couple of Auzzies. A short walk along the canal. Watching … Continue reading

The run up to Christmas

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A bit late, but a few photos from the last few weeks   Putting up the decorations on the childrens tree. The original design for Worrybombs christmas cards The yearly Reading Motorbike Present run at Great Auntie Cs house. The … Continue reading