Barbury Castle

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Worrybomb is studying the Saxons at school and we headed over to Barbury Castle near Swindon to see a Saxon ring fort. In the 6th century the site became part of the Saxon kingdom of Wessex, following the defeat of … Continue reading


Rowing on the canal © 2017 . All rights reserved.

We went back to the canal with Cousin S to have a go at rowing again. It was great fun zig-zagging across the canal 🙂

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Worrybombs adventure on the Isle of Wight was mentioned on the website The site is run by Adventure Cycling Association which by using crowd sourced articles promotes cycle travel and bicycle adventuring by sharing short overnight bicycle adventures of … Continue reading

Two go off to camp

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So we have camped and cycled a few times, but never together.  So after having read lots of Enid Blyton recently, we decided to go in search of adventure to the Isle of Wight.  We packed up tents, sleeping bags and Flossie … Continue reading

The Romans are coming!

Worrybomb and the Great Bath © 2017 . All rights reserved.

School is studying the Romans. As our local Roman town is a bit scarce of things, we headed to Bath ( Aquæ Sulis (“the waters of Sulis”)). We met up with her third cousin and family where we had a … Continue reading

Pen Licence

Fountain Pen © 2017 . All rights reserved.

After months of trying, Worrybomb got her Pen Licence from school. She can now use pens in class. She has mentioned it a few times, she was disappointed that “everyone else had one but her”.  But when she got hers, … Continue reading

Blowing Christmas Baubles

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Its nearly Christmas so the three of us went up to London to see the lights, blow some glass and have some fun. Someone in SWT has a sense of humor, I remember seeing something similar a few years back. … Continue reading

White Horse Hill

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It was cold and blustery, but we needed to get out for a walk, so White Horse Hill ( a family favourite ) called. When I was studying, I remember it was a thing to see how many people you … Continue reading


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Worrybomb celebrated Guy Fawkes night.  With rockets, sparklers and some (s)marshmallows we headed up to the hill.       Between setting fire to things I managed to take a few photos of the girls and their sparklers.  


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We went to Venice !  We had a few days to see the city, eat well, drink a Spritz and count lions and well heads.  It was Worrybombs first overseas trip with me.  Italy is a lovely place to go, my … Continue reading