The Worrybomb was born on the 20th of November 2008 weighing 7lb 7.5oz. She is the youngest and most cuddled of a family of six.

This is the blog of a baby, kept by her Father.  It was set up so family and friends could see and hear about what was happening.  The original site was first published on the 8th of April 2008 at around minus 40 weeks, with the idea to chart the growth of the Worrybomb.  On day 1699 AW ( After Worrybomb ), the old site was overhauled, after a battle with screwdrivers, hard drives and USB cables, it was removed and stored in a cardboard box, preserved with mothballs, from its ashes a new shiny site was built and installed on the interwebs in July 2013.

in early 2015 the old site was merged with the new ( WordPress – you rock! ).  The text was imported back in, the pictures are set to follow on shortly restoring continuity once more from April 2008 to now.

The Worrybomb persona of the site comes from a quote from “Bujak and the Strong Force” or “God’s Dice” found in Einstein’s Monsters by Martin Amis, but then you knew that didn’t you.

“My first daughter is four years old.  I was present at the birth, or I tried to be.  First I was sick; then I hid; then I fainted.  Yeah, I did real good.  Located and revived, I was led back to the delivery room.  They placed the blood-fringed bundle in my arms.  I thought then and I think now; How will the poor little bitch make it?  How will she make it? But I’m learning to live with her, with the worrybomb, the lovebomb.”

The quote inspired the title for Carter USMs “WorryBomb” album.