Things we learnt

Its a steep leaning curve for both Worrybomb and I, Mrs WB has seen most of it before, but even then, the Worrybomb is very much a different kettle of fish! So below is a list in no real order of things both WB and we have learnt so far.

  • You can never have enough nappies.
  • Where ever you hide the TV remote controls, they will be found and re-hidden for you.
  • Most baby foods that are not orange, wash out fairly well.
  • Orange baby foods are a pain to wash out of clothing.
  • Screw tops are surprisingly easy to undo with ones teeth.
  • Sudocrem is on the NHS low toxicity list and doesn’t taste very nice.
  • Germolene makes your mouth slightly numb if you put it in your mouth and is a little like Euthymol and again is on the NHS low toxicity list.
  • Walking with shoes is harder than with bare feet.
  • Other peoples bottles and food is more interesting than our own.
  • Children are impervious to pain when walking on wooden and plastic blocks
  • Adults are not impervious to pain when walking on wooden and plastic blocks
  • Forbidden cupboards hold many wonderful secrets and need investigating, what ever parents say.
  • Playing Be-bo / peak-a-boo never grows old.
  • A smile from Worrybomb can make the world a better place.
  • Dummies ( Pacifiers to our US friends ) hide themselves.
  • Books are tasty as well as educational.
  • Big sisters and Grandparents are “softer touches” than parents.
  • You do learn to do everything one handed.
  • Water is much nicer from a plastic bottle than a cup
  • No !
  • Shoes CAN be put on either foot if you shove your foot in hard enough!
  • More !
  • Two dummies are better than one.
  • Yes is hard to say, where as No is way too easy.
  • More is a good word to know and say lots
  • Ducks only move when shouted at to “MOVE”
  • Doggies are nice, but not when they lick your hand
  • Waving at bus drivers is fun, especially when they wave back!
  • BotBot !

This list I am sure will grow and grow, so check back soon for more Worrybomb knowledge.

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