Dont Do That Again !

A nice evening turned out with friends turned out to be rather a nasty long night in the A&E department.

The evening didn’t start well with a lot of bleeding and a trip in an ambulance to the local hospital.  We didn’t even get a chance to order wine!  We were then wheeled straight in to A&E and were checked out.  Nobody really knew what was happening, other than lots of blood, there wasn’t any other symptoms.

After a few hours of blood pressure tests and the odd question we where wheeled to the premature baby department where we finally were able to get a quick scan.

All looked okay, the Registrar was able to see the heart and we could clearly see arms and legs moving.  A massive relief as I think we both feared the worst.

At about 2 in the morning we were allowed home.  Ambulances in the past are where I helped out or at least had some input on, this time I was completely helpless other than getting Mrs Worrybomb to take the “sodding oxygen” and hold her hand.

A night to remember and one I hope I never have to experience again.

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