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Braxton Hicks and engagements

Had another check up with the Midwife today.  All good so far!

Mrs WB had her blood pressure and heart rate taken, both were good. The Midwife checked WB’s position. For a while now, we have been trying to figure out which way around the Worrybomb was. It seems the big lump that has often formed on Mrs WB’s left side under her ribs is Worrybomb’s bottom and its head is down near her hips, pretty much as in the diagram, but with the baby facing more towards Mrs WB’s backbone. This seems to be the engagement position ready for the birth! ( There has to be a Star Trek joke in there somewhere ). I hope that talking to its backside for the last month hasnt offended it too much.  During the hunt the baby session, we heard its heartbeat again, loud and regular. Their toys are so much better than ours, I would love to make a recording from their heartbeat microphone monitor, the sound was so clear and defined. Diagram showing an engaged Baby prior to birth

The blood tests have all came back fine, and the normal regular urine tests are again good. We are both the same blood group interestingly enough.

Mrs WB has also had a fair few sessions of Braxton Hicks contractions recently along with a lot of movement, more so than any previous births.  The Braxton Hicks’ are not as painful as real contractions but enough to stop activity for a few moments as muscles tense and then relax.  We are going to try a little more water / hydration as it is thought the false contractions might be worsened by dehydration. Watching one is very strange and reminiscent of Alien. Muscles tense and a tennis ball size bump (I think its the bottom we can see) forms in the left right hand side of the tummy, then as things relax the tummy getting back to its normal shape, this happens several times over the next twenty or so minutes.

Its all starting to speed up now, with only a nine or thirteen weeks (depending on which calendar you go with, the Docs think thirteen, Mrs WB thinks nine). We have started to pack the hospital bag, but as mentioned before a tight rein is being kept on the contents.

We have applied to go to the maternity classes, an evening on labour (no mention of Conservatives, or Lib Dem’s!) and an evening on feeding.  Should be easy, hoping there is lots of photos of the later 😀

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