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Greengrass from ITVs Heartbeat television series

No, not the 1960s Greengrass TV series. Worrybomb Heartbeats! We had a great evening listening to the noises from the bump last night. We used a Summer heart-to-heart prenatal listening system to hear the Worrybomb. It was pretty cool stuff, it took a little faffing about to get the device positioned correctly, but then it was pretty clear and recognisable.

The head phones that come with the device are not overly good, but they are okay, however, stick something a little better in like my Grados and you can hear lots of goings on very clearly.  We were able to plug in the computer as well to record the heartbeats and movements.

If you cant hear the heartbeat / drumming already using the embedded player ( above ) you can download the Worrybomb heartbeat sound clip ( 3.5 meg ) and listen to it on most media players, it certainly works with iTunes and using Windows Media Player.

The heart monitor is available from Argos, Boots and Amazon etc..

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