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Fame and Fortune

Bath time at the class
Bath time at the class

Early this afternoon Amelia had her first taste of fame.

She was the model in a prenatal class in the hospital. A midwife asked if she could borrow Amelia to show a class how to bath a baby. So I gave her a run down on the standard fees with of course my percentage on top, an agreement was gained and off we rolled to the class.

In front of about twenty other parents she stripped off and took a dip.  She did wonderfully and I am looking forward to seeing her reviews in “The Stage” next week,  Her performance was truly memorable, she demonstrated how to have ones hair washed, and then how to be held with some examples of wriggling before having a splash about in the tub.

She then was dried and made her way back to the dressing room.

Amelia then slept well for a few hours.

Bath Time
Bath Time ( a shot for the first boyfriend ( when shes 26 ))

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  1. Little Sister

    Not sure she should be doing full frontal stuff Chris! I mean look at all the hassle Brooke Sheilds had at 14 for Blue Lagoon!

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