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A walk in the park

A walk in the park
A walk in the park

In the wonderful November sun, we went for a walk into the town centre. Catching a few rays to lessen the slight jaundiced look ( Maggie Simpson, watch out ! ), we strolled through the park, chatting about the trees and to the chaps in yellow putting up the new lamp posts. Well in reality, I was doing all this and Worrybomb was asleep pretty much the whole time, when she did stir and I started singing, other than a slight grimace, she was off to sleep again pretty quickly…
We walked around the shops doing a little window shopping and then meet up with Nanny-J and Little Frog for a hot chocolate and a cake. We then rolled home to meet up with the Mid-wife who had forgotten all about us until I phoned this morning.
Worrybomb was weighed, measured and prodded about. She had a bloodspot check which hurt a little bit and Mummy had her staples removed! Lots of excitement!

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  1. Hey Chris, why no big photo under the thumbnail? I think you’re trying to conceal those baggy eyes… and you’re nearly a week in!

    A walk in the Park indeed.

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