Birth Certificate

Today the Worrybomb was registered. She is now official!

We chose her middle name, we didn’t think we would be allowed “Danger”, “Spartacus” or “Cheddar” so we went for a family name that appears in both families. Also up for consideration were Jamelia and Chamilia as they rhymed so nicely 🙂 Perhaps even together!

Mother, Worrybomb and I (Daddy-O) went into the office, showed Worrybomb to the Registrar and answered a load of questions with the answers (including shoe size and inside leg measurement) going into the official records and certificate.

We have both the short and long versions of these documents. I am thinking these are like receipts, so if we get problems or decide we want a different size we can return her.


  1. Little Sister

    I worked with a guy who had Danger as his middle name… very cruel

  2. Little Sister

    so what is it?

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