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Worrybomb eats Sudocrem

Sudocrem Tub
Sudocrem Tub

Worrybomb finally managed to succeed in what she has been trying for a few months now.  She ate some Sudocreme!

She managed to reach up, pull down a large tub of the nappy cream after changing, open the lid with her teeth, then play with the cream, spreading it around the hallway.  The white grease was on the pram, the carpet, the towel (she had liberated this too), her trousers (clean on five minutes previously), her hands and face.  A little goes a long, long way!

We think she had tried a little of it, but the inside of her mouth wasn’t white and there was just a little Sudocrem around her lips and face.

The tub says to contact a doctor if ingested, but as we think so little had been eaten, Mrs WB cleaned her up and I had a look on the web.  There were many pages saying that a small amount was unlikely to cause any issues other than a possible upset tummy.  I checked with the NHS site and they mention Sudocrem (so I guess they see a fair few white and greasy babies) in their poising section and suggest the following advice:

These substances are not usually dangerous when they are taken accidentally.

Do not try to make the person sick as it will make the worse. Give them small sips of milk or water if they can swallow properly. Stay calm.

If they have swallowed a large amount or if you are worried about any symptoms they have, call NHS Direct.

Otherwise watch them carefully for the next four hours and care for them at home.

So that was exciting!  Unfortunately I didn’t get a shot of her covered in the stuff, think we were too worried to see the funny side in it.

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