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Happy First Birthday Worrybomb

Worrybomb is one today!

Its seems like only yesterday, that I was outside the operating theatre waiting to be allowed in to help (well okay, “be there” for) Mrs WB.  Those slow moving minutes were passed pacing up and down the corridor, thinking about how things would change.  When I was finally allowed in Mrs WB was covered in blue sheets, machines were beeping away and the staff were busy getting ready for the planned caesarian.  Then in just a few very short moments, Worrybomb was out.  It, no, she had arrived.

Worrybomb just after she was born
Worrybomb just after she was born

I helped to cut the cord ( very rubbery if I remember rightly ) and gazed in awe at this tiny, angry little pink thing, bloody and screaming, who I knew would change my life completely.


Its been a whirlwind journey since then, a slightly blurry one thanks to sleep deprivation, but one I wouldn’t have wanted to miss for the world.

In the last year she has changed so much both in terms of appearance and personality, from being a tiny bundle who could do little but sleep, drink and of course scream, she in a year is just about walking, can eat (and often wear) pretty much what we eat, move about the house causing chaos and mayhem, chatter away to herself, jig about when music is playing, give cuddles, smile lots, laugh and assert herself when she doesn’t quite get her own way.

Her big brother and sisters have been wonderful with her and are part of the reason she has done so well, there is always someone who can play with her or show her something and each one of them has witnessed something she has managed for the first time which I think is why they are so close to her, sharing those precious moments.

Its not been an easy year by any means, especially with outside stresses and strains, of selling, buying and moving house, job problems, stupid court  and CSA battles and having only two full nights of sleep to name but a few, but its been one where the constant of Worrybomb has been certainly my driving force.  I knew from that first smile (wind possibly) that I was stuffed, she had me figured and I was wrapped around her little finger from then onwards.  That grin, make the rest of the problems lessen.

She is still the worrybomb I thought she would be and I think she will ever be, a name Mrs WB wasn’t overly amused or happy with, but I think she understands now, why I thought it such a good name, you never know when it might go off!  Besides, it could have been worse, I considered Wombat (and Algenon of course) and several other equally silly names, so I think we all got off lightly.

Mrs WB doesn’t get enough credit here, its a bit one sided with me taking the photos and chucking stuff up onto the site, but I wanted to say thank you here and say, its been the best, hardest and most enjoyable year, I hope next is a lot better in terms of the outside pressures, but thanks to her she has taught me much and put up with my mistakes, daft ways and ideas.  Long may it continue, or should that be hopefully I will improve and stop the daft bits?  Will have to think about that one…

So, onto the next year!

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