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Being 12 months old, Worrybomb had her forth session at the Doctors to get her Hib/Men C ( Haemophilus influenzae b [Hib] and Meningococcal C ) injection.

This was the first one I had seen since her birth. She took it all in her stride really, an initial cry just after she had been stuck with the needle, which I can completely understand, then she was okay.  Following the instructions given she had a little calpol like paracetamol suspension as she was a little grumpy in the evening, this could have been tiredness or the excitement and effects of the jab.

The next jab will be the MMR, this vacine will help fight against measles, mumps and rubella (also called German measles (I love the way we name nasty things after those “johnny foreigner” types!), this was the one that was thought to might be, perhaps cause autism.

The claims I think have been retracted but I cant help be a little worried about it.  The evidence seems to show that the chap who made the claim was working for Solicitors who were trying to sue someone about it and in recent years there hasn’t been any other research that has proven the original claim, but the UKs health scare record isn’t a great one and its hard to find the truth.  Have you got any thoughts on the subject?

All a bit dry and depressing, so to lighten things, a picture of the Worrybomb eating a cushion.

Hungry enough to eat a cushion
Hungry enough to eat a cushion

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  1. Alexis

    Cute site. I found it when searching for stork bite pictures, and it was reassuring to see another baby with them because they looked just like my sons. I have done a lot of reading about the autism/vaccine issue and do believe that there is not a connection. I’m in America and there has been a lot of research done establishing the safety of vaccines, although it’s a very heated issue and I recently read that 25% of parents here think there is a connection so the debate rages on. There is some new research pointing to environmental toxins and the rise in autism, which is scary because it’s so hard to avoid many of these things. PCBs, pthalates and the like. Hard to be a parent these days, eh? Anyways your daughter is adorable.

    Cheers, A (mom in San Francisco)

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