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First outing in the Chariot!

Worrybomb had a lovely Christmas present from Nanny H and Down-Under Aunt in the form of a bike trailer.

This wonderfully made Canadian bike trailer has sooooo many great design features and accessories ( check out their website for the cross country ski fittings !! )making it one of the most versatile I have ever seen. Well done Down-Under Auntie for finding it !!!

We did take it out for a very quick spin the day after Boxing Day, but this morning even in the sub zero temperatures we braved a ride that was a little longer.  you can see the frost on the ground on the shot below !

It was bitterly cold, but Worrybomb was well wrapped up warm with Ugg Boots, a warm coat and several blankets grinning away like a loon whilst WB Dad struggled with slightly under inflated bicycle tyres ( which he will remember to check next time ) and the remains of an evil cold that has hit us all this Christmas.  It rides really well with not a lot of extra effort to move things along, the hills are a little harder, but everything else is great. It feels very solid and secure, but I might have to get a small mirror so I can keep an eye on her from up front.   Its got lots of storage for both her and me and the suspension means I can get off the paved paths just a little bit every now and then.

I can see us getting a lot of use out of this when things warm just a little more.



An updated review can be found on the Bambino Goodies site.


  1. Auntie down under

    Amelia needs a buzzer so she can buzz you when she needs something… or to make you go faster 🙂

  2. Nanny Joan

    Wow, Nadine did say something about a bike trailer but I thought she meant a new toy!! This is great, never seen one like it before.

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