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Thomas and Father Christmas

Worrybomb was taken out for the day by Louisa!  She went to see Thomas the Tank Engine at the Didcot Railway Centre.  She was very excited to be seeing the real Thomas that she had read about and seen on television.

Worrybomb and Mummy WB and Thomas the Tank Engine
Thomas the Tank Engine took us to see Father Christmas!

It was rather wet, but Thomas still took Louisa and Worrybomb to see Father Christmas who was in a lovely old carriage.

Worrybomb and Daddy on the train
Worrybomb and Daddy on the train

The short ride was a nice respite from the cold and rain.  We had to stop halfway to refill Thomas with water.

Worrybomb investigates the Christmas tree.
Worrybomb investigates the Christmas tree on the station platform.

It was the first time she had seen Father Christmas and both Louisa and Worrybomb were a little upset about talking to a strange man with a large beard, but they did like the presents!

Worrybomb and Father Christmas
Worrybomb and Father Christmas

We then went for a short ride in a warm first class carriage with Duck ( or Montague ) pulling.

Its nice to see some trains again, the smell and sounds are so unique and took me back to rides on various trains when I was younger.

It makes me smile to remember how much I loved the stories too when I was younger too, never venturing far without one of the Reverend W. Awdrys books.

A big thank you to Louisa’s Mum and Dad for taking us along to the trains.

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