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Christmas Nativity

In this years pre-school nativity play, Worrybomb was Mary!

Mary putting the baby in the manger

It was a short adaptation with none of the children having to speak.  Worrybomb and Joseph where the only children who weren’t led on to the stage by the assistants ( or took one look at the audience and ran off into the wings ).  Joseph and Worrybomb walked on, sat behind the manger and put the baby into its bed. The Baby Jesus didn’t seem to mind having presents dropped on to it by the 3 kings.

Then to round off the performance the children sang 3 songs, Twinkle Twinkle, Jingle bells ( with jingling bells ) and We wish you a merry Christmas.

Then there was cake and mulled wine / squash!

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  1. nanny Joan

    Amelia makes a lovely Mary! Very realistic blue shawl as well x

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