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First Day of School

On day 1750, Worrybomb went to her first day at school. She was excited about putting her new uniform and shiny shoes on.

Getting ready for the first day at school
Getting ready for school

Big sister helped with her now very long hair. Worrybomb had her new school bag on with her new water bottle in it all ready.


Not everyone is overly happy to be going back to school after the long summer break.

First full day of school and not everyone is happy about it!
First day of school

My little girl looks very grown up!

Off to school
On her way to her first day at school

She was a little shy and anxious, but she went in with Mummy, and after she had seen a friend or two she seemed to settle down.

I am looking forward to hearing what she has been up to when we pick her up later.

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  1. The Rustys downunder

    Hope you had a fabulous day Amelia.

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