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Carefully walking in the bluebells
Carefully walking in the bluebells

Every year we head to the local woods to see the bluebells.  This year was very good with a wonderful carpet of purple.  We saw a few white ones too!

In the Bluebells
Taking photos in the Bluebells

As usual, the woods were deserted but as quiet as we could be we didn’t get to see any deer this trip. Maybe next time…

Photographing the Bluebells
The Bluebells
knee deep in the bluebells
Whats in your camera bag
Whats in your camera bag ?

A question often asked between photographers. In Worrybombs case, her bag holds her pink ViTech camera, a large flat shell and a small pointed stick. Not your usual fare, but equipment that now you know can be carried could well alter the contents of your camera bag!

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  1. Auntie Downunder

    reminds me of Aunties house at the Malverns

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