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More Camping

After the trial in the garden, we took the tent down to Dorset. Camping at Burnbake near to Corfe we tried it out for real. We had a super time, with a trip to the beach and some messing about in the woods.  The site was great, small and although fully booked, they had room for our small tent.  Our neighbors were lovely and Worrybomb had fun with them.


Strawberries on the beach !

After this success, we went down to the New Forest to Sandy Balls ( The estate’s name has been traced as far back as the reign of Henry VII. It appeared on maps and other documents of the time as “Sandyballas,” which is the description given to the dome-shaped sand and gravel outcrops on the western boundary of the site. Many of these outcrops remain, including ones called Good Friday Hill and Giant’s Grave. )



Here the girls are helping with the packing.



Personally I think breakfast is a bit early for wine, but C started early !

CampingIt was a little damp but it didnt stop us riding and swimming ( Worrybombs first length! ) hopefully next time we will have a bit more time to explore the area ( maybe on bikes!!! ).

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