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Down Under Auntie Visits


Downunder Auntie came to visit.  We went to lots of the old places we went to as children, the nearby canal and its huge flight of steps.

Christmas15-9741A slightly jet lagged couple of Auzzies.

Christmas15-9733 A short walk along the canal.

Christmas15-9727Watching the boats enter the locks

Christmas15-9728 Some more lock gate pushing and pulling

Then off to the Cotswolds and a quick stop to the Rollrights.
Christmas15-9750Nanny S said if you try to count them, you never get the same number twice !


So it had to be tried 🙂

Naughty G was caught red handed and put in the village stocks!!!  I think she is saying something about Transportation to a penal colony.  Which I think would be a darn site warmer and drier !!!

Christmas15-9766 But the true villain was discovered and justice was served !!

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