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The Small Isles

Worrybomb and friends went up to Scotland to explore the Small Isles.  We stayed at Doune Knoydart on the Knoydart peninsula.  We walked, scrambled, got nibbled on by midges, sailed, explored and ate wonderful things.

We had incredible weather with sun every day, temperatures up to 29c and mill pond flat seas. We had to keep checking we were in Scotland. The only real indicator was the midges!

On top of Eigg Mountain

A short scramble up Eigg Mountain.

Sanday BeachThe beach on the tiny Sanday Island was lovely and clean, but a little smelly. We ate lunch, tried to dam the stream and enjoyed the May sun.

Sanday BeachEmpty beaches, hot sunny days were the norm!

The Isle of Cannas ChurchThe Isle of Canna and its church grounds

Dressed for dinnerWorrybomb dressed for dinner, with hair by N.

Worrybomb and SWorrybomb made friends with S, who also likes Minecraft!  Whats not to like? Worrybomb was his shadow for the week.

Stony beachLooking for stones to balance on the high shoreline to make towers and patterns.  Richard Long look out !

Worrybomb steers a straight course

In true “pirate in training” style, within 15 minutes of getting on the boat, Worrybomb was steering!  Andy our captain was wonderful and helped teach her about the other boats, wildlife and that underneath us where possibly submarines! She spent lots of time steering, keeping out of the way of the large ferry boats that plod about the Small Isles.  She learnt all about how to keel haul someone properly and that all land lubbers are scurvy dogs not to be trusted.

Worrybomb on the Mary DouneGetting ready to go ashore

Very cold water
The water was so cold, not just nippy, but after 3 seconds of being in there it hurt, like an ice cream head ache!

On the way to the Forge in Inverie

We walked to the UKs mainland’s remotest pub. Where ice cream and cold drinks were the order of the day before Andy picked us up in the Mary Doune.

Worrybomb on the beachThe evenings before dinner were spent on the beach with the dogs.

Worrybomb looks for eaglesLooking out ( and seeing ) puffins, shags, eagles, porpoises, jellyfish, guillemots, deer, goats and a host of other wildlife.

Rums abandoned village

We visited Rum and went to the Otter hide, explored the abandoned village and then went around Kinloch Castle which was wonderful, mainly due to the guide who had many funny stories about the castle, the island of Rum and the people who live and lived there.

The Party

We had a super time, lots of new experiences and fun. It was a shame to make our way home, but we needed the sleep and for the midge bites to heal!

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