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Ten. ( How did that happen ? )

For her birthday we went to London, to shop, eat and see a show.

In the evening ( after a chocolate and banana pancake supper ) we saw the National Theaters adaption of Michael Morpurgo’s War Horse. It was amazing to see the puppetry to start, but after a while the people behind the horse disappear and all you see is the horse.  Being the 100th anniversary of the WW1 armistice, Worrybomb has been learning lots about the first world war.  So this and the short trip around the ground floor of the Imperial War Museum in London was really interesting.

We stopped off at Hamleys ( that thankfully was a little less busy than in previous years !), checked out the latest Harry Potter stuff like this new poster which was pretty scary and lifelike.

Have you seen this wizard ?
Have you seen this wizard ?

Then home to a small party with Sisters, Cousins and Nans!

10 Years Old and Cake
10 Years Old and Cake

It doesn’t seem long since I first saw her. But so much has happened in that time and life is very different for us both. I really hope the next ten years will be exciting, fun and interesting for the Worrybomb!

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