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Japan – Skiing

Down Under Auntie had been plotting, she had conspired with the Pirate to arrange a short trip over Japan, to do some skiing. It made sense at the time, what with it being half way between Oz and the UK ( ish ) and during half term is of course a good time to ski!

So we did some lessons, bought jackets, gloves etc, packed and headed to the airport ( via a few different car parks ). Had breakfast ( in style ) and then turned left when we got on the plane!

This is the way to travel !
We met Down Under Auntie at the airport and headed in to Tokyo
To get from Tokyo to Hakuba and Happo one we went by bullet!

The train was amazing, fast, clean, smooth and very quiet. We chatted as we wooshed along at nearly 200mph, then took a bus up into the mountains.

Happo one is where the 98 Winter Olympics were held and it has lots of slopes and lifts to play on. On the first night, we picked up skis, and headed to the slope to test things out.

Then up early next morning to ski properly.

At the top of the nursery slope
Half way up / down

We survived a 5.7 earthquake ( Worrybomb slept through), were we woke to a five second or so, shake and rumble, as snow fell of the roof.

Down Under Auntie skied with is, then went off to play with her clever boots and improve her carving. The Pirate had lots of lessons and was on the big slopes by the end of the trip.

We made use of the onsens in the hotel to relax afterwards most days. A little odd, but very relaxing after a day on the slopes.

On the green panoramic run
After a few days, the ski lifts were a breeze!

We had a rest day and had a quick look around the village.

The Moguri Tadashi Hosono Suwa Shrine

The Moguri Tadashi Hosono Suwa Shrine

The Moguri Tadashi Hosono Suwa Shrine
The drain covers are beautiful!

We skied for a few days ( which was very tiring and hard work ). In the evenings we ate at the hotel or ventured down into the village. At the top of one of the lift stations I found a lovely hat, unfortunately ( and to the disappointment from all who saw me in it ) I was not allowed to have it, So Worrybomb purchased it instead. Everyone who saw it gave a smile, even in Tokyo where interesting clothing is a norm, it was much commented on.

A new hat

On our return to Tokyo we had a quick look around.

No bikes!

Sensō-ji, an ancient Buddhist temple
Getting rid of your bad luck
Something to remember (?)
Temple Ceiling

Then off to see some more via a short break at the Honey Toast Cafe. Where we had the most wonderful but enormous snacks.

Then it was time to say good bye to Down Under Auntie who had to head home. We were able to stay one more night and went Pokomon hunting.

Vending machines are everywhere !
The view from our room on floor 13

In all the places we stayed, the loos were “interesting”. First you notice the heated seats, then the other buttons. It took a few days but eventually a certain someone tried the other facilities. The last visit at the airport took nearly 20 minutes!

Our hotel and all the toilets visited had the most amazingly complicated loos!

We stopped for some wonderful Gyoza at Harajuku Gyozaro ( 24 of them!! )

Two beers and an appletiser !

Then we strolled down to the Shibuya crossing, which on a saturday wasnt as busy as it can be, but it was still great fun watching the crowds flow back and forth.

Shibuya crossing

Then at long last it was time to come home, tired and achy, but smiling!

On our way home

It was a long flight home, but very comfortable turning left 🙂

More photos to come ( I need to pester The Pirate for them !! )

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