Pre-Natal Classes

We had the first of the pre-natal classes last night.  The two part course started with labour and was given by one of the Midwives at the local hospital, where we hope we will have the Worrybomb in a month or so.

The two hour session covered, what happens, how we know its happening, what to do when its happens and where to go.  Most of the mothers to be were looking forward to their first birth, so Mrs WB knew much of what was gone over, but I was a novice like the others in the room.  When it was discovered Mrs WB had had some previous knowledge, we were told that number 4 typically comes quickly!  So I am a little worried that we might not get to the hospital !  And that we might have to call the baby Audi or Car-park.  So I am going to pack a few bits in the car just in case

We had a tour of the birthing rooms, which although a little bare, looked okay.  Still not sure about the birthing pool room yet, or indeed the theatre they have on the floor, but everything else seemed fine.

Now I know the way to the department I am a little happier, just as long as we can make it that far 🙂

The second part of the course covers feeding.  Should be fun.  This, I have a little experience with.  “Little-Frog”, who we looked after earlier in the year seems to be doing well and certainly didnt complain much when I was feeding her.  I just hope Worrybomb doesnt burp ( or pass wind in general ) with quite such vehemence, theres nothing wrong with a little burp, but when the windows rattle, you have to worry..

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