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A few firsts

Worrybomb is picking up things like it was going out of fashion.

Over the weekend, she has learnt to feed herself andhas bathed solo!

She had her first bath not in the baby bath we have.  She enjoyed being able to move about, chasing and eating ducks.  The water was shallow and for a few seconds Mummy WB let her keep her head up.  Hands were just out of view in case she decided to turn her head or give a big wave making kick.

Worrybomb takes a bath with her ducks

Worrybomb for the first time managed to hold her bottle, it wasnt perfect and there was a certain amount of leakage, but for a few minutes, she was in charge!

Feeding, who needs the 'rents anyway
Asleep in the car seat

And after a long weekend of firsts, a little rest and recuperation is called for.  Its a shame she cant do this at night !

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