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500 !

Worrybomb is 500 days old!

It wasn’t the best of Easter Sundays, but it was warm enough for us to get out in the garden a little.  Whilst we cleared up a little of the debris of Winter, Worrybomb and her bigger siblings played with some bubbles.

Bubbles !

Worrybomb was very interested in them, not quite getting why she wasn’t able to pick them up or grab them when they blew by.  She was very calm about it, as soon as one landed and was grabbed only to disappear, she would move to the next, with no signs of frustration.

Chasing Bubbles
Chasing Bubbles

With two bubble blowers, there was a lot of bubbles to chase after in the garden.


Then it was off to the local park, Worrybomb used to insist on going on the swings, but her tastes are changing and now its the slides she runs towards. Again big sister was there to help out.

On my own! ( well nearly )

Then “Little Miss Determined” wanted to go it alone. With a little help and the odd worried parental hand or two covering the drops she with help made it up the steps and even the cargo net ( nearly ) and grinned like a loon on her way down the slide.

She isn’t great on the steps but she makes up for it with determination and effort, when she wants to get up she will.  The only hard bit is pulling her away when she starts to get cold.

Five hundred days old, that means I think we have had 496 broken nights! Around two and half thousand nappies have been changed and countless packets of baby wipes have been used to clean up bottoms, mop up spills and clean hands.

Her language skills are to me amazing ( but I am her Dad ), she is starting to be able to tell me which of her “In The Night Garden…” characters are which and she has started to dictate what TV programs are on, especially when the bedtime hour is on.  She has a couple of words she can say or yell and when we were out yesterday walking around the village, she chatted pretty much the whole time.

I am looking forward to the next 500 days!

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