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First Bike

First it was the Chariot from Down-under Auntie which we have used loads and still do, then it was her tricycle that she potters around the house and garden on,  then yesterday, it was time to ride her first two wheeled bike courtesy of a late Christmas present / exchange from Nanny S and some great detective work by Mummy WB.


First Ride up the garden path
First Ride up the garden path

The FirstBike balance bike doesnt have any pedals and is used like  Baron von Draiss‘ Walking Machine ( aka the Draisienne ).  We had been looking for the Street version, but when a Cross version came up we jumped at the chance.  The knobbly tires are really the only difference.  They might possibly slow things down, but I don’t think we will notice much difference.

and down the path
and down the path

Its got a red seat, red bar grips, a back break ( why did they ever think front breaks on children’s bikes were a good idea ? ) and there is a red basket on its way.  I quite fancy getting the ski attachment ( the Chariot has one too !!! ), but I think Mrs WB might object to that frivolity.

On the way to the shops on her new firstbike
On the way to the shops

Worrybomb has taken to it fairly well, we haven’t added the lowering kit ( that we got with the bike ) that lowers the back axle slightly as she is pretty big for her age and seems to able to put her feet on the floor pretty easily.  The idea is to build up balance skills and when she gets a bigger bike with pedals, there should be no need for stabilisers.  She prefers going on smooth surfaces or slight downhill slopes at the moment but I am sure in a few days she will pick it up like she did Big Brothers scooter, where she can hurtle along the path and is very close to being able to put both feet up on the deck!

On the way to the park on her new firstbike
On the way to the park

Its very lightweight ( under 4 kg ) , so easy to carry when little legs get tired or bored, looks really well built and I am sure will get lots of use.

Now to start researching her first pedal bike !  Maybe after a bike ride to the park.





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