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We went down the woods today…

Its Worrybombs second trip to the bluebells near to us.  We went back to the same woods as last year.  Its a place I know well and have visited each spring for the past ten or so years.  The colour and smell really enforce the fact that spring is here and that winter is a distant memory for a while.  Last time she was here she was very different, now talkative and inquisitive she stops and points out the unusual or wonderful.

Worrybomb Running fast down the path
Running fast down the path

She is being a little camera shy at the moment, so I have to grab every chance I get given.  She is also getting braver about moving off on her own, with just the odd twitch, no break in stride, to see if we are following.

Worrybomb checking Dad is following
just checking Dad is following

It was very windy in the woods, we were the only ones there (as per normal ), but the wood was alive with movement and animal life.

whats that ?
"what's that ?"
Chocolate and Bluebells
Chocolate and Bluebells, what more could you want ?

Then it was time to stop and watch the world go by over a packet of chocolate buttons. Then home via the adjacent field of oilseed rape. The yellow fields are all around us at the moment, wonderfully vivid in the spring heatwave that we have been having here.

Worrybomb runs through the maze like yellow field
a run through the maze like yellow fields

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