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Father Christmas’ Everwhere

This weekend Worrybomb, Big Sister J and I had the slightly odd experience of witnessing around 75 Father Christmas’ limbering up and then running around Basingstoke’s Eastrop Park.

It was all in aid of the British Heart Foundation, their annual Santa Run, ( “Father Christmas” please! )

Father Christmas
Father Christmas? Which one ?

We cycled over ( in the Chariot and on Worrybomb’s bike and in new very warm coat ( thanks Down-under Aunt )) to the park to see the spectacle, and as a little someone was navigating we went down the “fun to free wheel down big hill” over the bridge and around the course the runners were to take, spotting occasionally red clad people in the distance.

With our scenic route we passed a chap, dressed up in St Johns clothing, waiting to give the fit and strong of Basingstoke care if needed.  Worrybomb stared a little at the chap as he was a little portly, and had a white beard!

After realising that the Father Christmas’ we were looking at were not all they seemed, with some very young and even some bearded lady Father Christmas’ being much in evidence, she kept looking back across the pond at this chap. I think she had it right, “he” was there, but incognito!

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